Manjeet was counseling a patient with high blood pressure when another patient jostled through the crowd and asked her to hurry up. Each patient was impatient to get back to their own busy lives. Everyone in the hospital today was rushed, just like every day at many overworked public hospitals in India and around the world.

Our team works on a piece of software called Simple, which is designed for nurses like Manjeet. Busy nurses with many patients. They use Simple to manage patients with high blood pressure, with the goal of saving many lives from heart attacks and strokes.

As games fundamentally create temporary worlds within which players explore alternate realities, this article highlights the merits of using games as a medium for speculation of preferred futures amongst players. While co-designing futures with marginalised communities as seen in rural India, there exist several challenges and issues such as the inability to critically reflect on current situations and aspire for better futures. The article aims to highlight how some of these challenges can be addressed through the elements of game design, derived from personal experience of conducting speculation through the redesign of an indigenous game known as snakes and ladders…

Team B&B: Thomson Muriyadan and Mahima Chandak

The Service and System Design Studio at Srishti Institute of Design is a Master’s level class for Human Centered Design students that deals with designing for Platforms and Services. This 5-week studio not only focusses on methods and tools of Service Design but also critically inquires into the design of systems.

The chosen platform of study for the studio were apartment management platforms such as MyGate, Apna Complex and Apartment Adda, that are increasingly being adopted by gated communities in India. …

All illustrations for this project were done by Jahnavi Koganti from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. To collaborate, DM her on her Instagram handle

By understanding the emerging arguments about the Western way of thinking dominating design practices, I have tried to highlight its impact on social design practices in India. Based on my experiences while conducting research in rural South India, I have outlined some of the shortcomings of applying pre-given theoretical design frameworks developed by the West in complex Indian social situations. Further, this article aims to highlight how, to carry out social design practices, it is necessary to develop a new framework of thinking that understands local culture and politics.

The effects of colonialism is visible across almost all genres of…

Is there a relationship between Cultures and Forms of Knowledge they excel in? An examination of S.N. Balagangadara’s work, ‘Comparative Anthropology & Action Sciences: An essay on knowing to act and acting to know’, helped me formulate a response to this question. There is a strong link between cultures and the form of knowledge they excel in, in a way that forms of knowledge are developed by its culture. A summary of the essay (Find the paper here: will further illuminate my stance.

‘Comparative Anthropology & Action Sciences: An essay on knowing to act and acting to know’ is…

Mahima Chandak

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